About Us


MARKETING A LA CARTE was founded in February 1995 and has its head office in Montreal, Canada.

For the past 10 years, MARKETING A LA CARTE has offered to primarily medium to small companies,
of both corporate and entrepreneurial nature, marketing assistance to help realize business goals.

MARKETING A LA CARTE offers the know-how to help increase a brand or corporate image with effective marketing action plans that ultimately increase sales and overall business performance.

At MARKETING A LA CARTE, we have a solid reputation of being “Business Builders”.

What makes MARKETING A LA CARTE stand out from other marketing specialists is that we share the expertise with our clients and their staff by “coaching” them in the process so that they learn to market their business on another level.


“My true passion is to make your business grow”.

As a senior marketing, communications and sales management executive, Ms. Gibb has a solid track record of over 20 years in both line and staff roles in corporate and entrepreneurial business environments in the consumer packaged goods industries, the cosmetic / cosmeceutical / aesthetic industries and the marketing consulting fields.

As a graduate, formally educated in marketing, management, psychology and sociology, Ms. Gibb has an understanding of the consumer needs and wants plus an extensive hands-on knowledge of the operational tasks of the business world.

A creative, yet realistic approach to assignments coupled with a well-established network of contacts and suppliers supports the total service package of unique and versatile skills.

Ms. Gibb is recognized for her reliability and accountability that ensures the solid development of a beneficial working relationship for clients. Her expertise in business development, product launches and creative promotional programs merged with her strong professional integrity and commitment can help a company reach new levels of success.


MARKETING A LA CARTE creates the appropriate team of experts specifically required for each and every mandate.

Strategic Planning
This team of strategic planning specialists offers industry-specific expertise with tangible results-oriented recommendations.

The audio and visual team specializes in various communication mediums to offer creative campaigns to get the right message to the right target audience.

Product Development
The formula and packaging team of experts that become involved in an assignment offers cost-effective, innovative packaging concepts and realizations.

Promotional Campaigns
The right promotional campaign is the key to attract and motivate your target market. Our promotional team, with their extensive experience in consumer, trade and corporate promotional planning can formulate the promotional campaign that works. In addition, with a network of over 3000 sources of supply, we can help you select and promote with the right premiums and incentives.

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